Sermon Audio 2017

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12/31/2017 Bryan McClelland Make Straight the Way of the Lord
12/24/2017 Bryan McClelland Christmas: The Promise of God’s Divine Deliverance
12/24/2017 Bryan McClelland Christmas: The Promise of God’s Abundant Grace
12/17/2017 Bryan McClelland Christmas: The Promise of God’s Abiding Peace
12/10/2017 Bryan McClelland Christmas: The Promise of God’s Sovereign Reign
12/3/2017 Bryan McClelland Christmas: The Promise of God’s Faithful Presence
11/26/2017 Troy Boring Keeping Focus
11/19/2017 Debbie Colton Go and Do Likewise
Oasis of Hope (Powerpoint)
11/5/2017 Bryan McClelland The Bread of Life
9/17/2017 Barry Whitworth Making an Impact
9/10/2017 Robert Turner Organic Discipleship
9/3/2017 David Ludwig What Matters Most
8/27/2017 Pam Burkholder Guest Speaker: Expectations Women’s Center
8/20/2017 Mike Bennett Alaska Mission Trip Report
8/13/2017 Troy Boring What To Do When the End is Near
8/6/2017 Gerald Mounce Finding Perfect Peace
7/30/2017 Gerald Mounce The Call of God
7/23/2017 Barry Whitworth Living Shameless
7/9/2017 Troy Boring Not Just a Nice Idea
7/2/2017 Gerald Mounce Law of the Land
6/25/2017 Gerald Mounce Who Can Worship?
6/11/2017 Gerald Mounce A Temple for God
6/4/2017 Barry Whitworth Marks of a True Christ Follower
5/28/2017 Gerald Mounce My Life, His Purpose
5/21/2017 Barry Whitworth An Astonishing Word
5/14/2017 David Ludwig A Woman Who Fears the Lord Will Be Praised
5/7/2017 Barry Whitworth Build It All on the Right Foundation
4/30/2017 Barry Whitworth Fruit Inspection
4/16/2017 Barry Whitworth The Greatest Resurgence
4/9/2017 Barry Whitworth Christ’s Passion for Us
4/2/2017 Gerald Mounce Holy Makeover!
“Born Again” by Dean Kermit Allison (Visual Aide)
3/26/2017 Barry Whitworth Road Inspection
3/19/2017 Barry Whitworth Learning and Practicing Boldness
3/12/2017 Barry Whitworth Making the Right Judgment Call
3/5/2017 Barry Whitworth The Kingdom of God
2/26/2017 Bob Apple for The Gideons The Power of God’s Word
2/19/2017 Barry Whitworth Resolving Worry
2/12/2017 Troy Boring Daily Special
2/5/2017 Barry Whitworth The Real Treasured Treasures
1/29/2017 Barry Whitworth Fasting That Pleases God
1/22/2017 Barry Whitworth The Lord’s Prayer
1/15/2017 Barry Whitworth Praying and Fasting
1/8/2017 Barry Whitworth Proper Motives for Giving
1/1/2017 Gerald Mounce What Do We Hope For?