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First Southern Baptist Church
89 Kimble Hill Road, Williamsport PA 17701 - Phone 323-9564
"To be and to make fully-devoted followers of Jesus Christ"

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11/19/2017 Debbie Colton Go and Do Likewise
"Oasis of Hope Powerpoint Presentation

9/17/2017 Barry Whitworth Making an Impact

9/10/2017 Robert Turner Organic Discipleship

9/03/2017 David Ludwig What Matters Most

08/27/2017 Pam Burkholder Guest Speaker: Expectations Women's Center

08/20/2017 Mike Bennett Alaska Mission Trip Report

08/13/2017 Troy Boring What To Do When the End is Near

08/06/2017 Gerald Mounce Finding Perfect Peace

07/30/2017 Gerald Mounce The Call of God

07/23/2017 Barry Whitworth Living Shameless

07/09/2017 Troy Boring Not Just a Nice Idea

07/02/2017 Gerald Mounce Law of the Land

06/25/2017 Gerald Mounce Who Can Worship?

06/11/2017 Gerald Mounce A Temple for God

06/04/2017 Barry Whitworth Marks of a True Christ Follower

05/28/2017 Gerald Mounce My Life, His Purpose

05/21/2017 Barry Whitworth An Astonishing Word

05/14/2017 David Ludwig A Woman Who Fears the Lord Will Be Praised

05/07/2017 Barry Whitworth Build It All on the Right Foundation

04/30/2017 Barry Whitworth Fruit Inspection

04/16/2017 Barry Whitworth The Greatest Resurgence

04/09/2017 Barry Whitworth Christ's Passion for Us

04/02/2017 Gerald Mounce Holy Makeover!
"Born Again" by Dean Kermit Allison (Visual Aide)

03/26/2017 Barry Whitworth Road Inspection

03/19/2017 Barry Whitworth Learning and Practicing Boldness

03/12/2017 Barry Whitworth Making the Right Judgment Call

03/05/2017 Barry Whitworth The Kingdom of God

02/26/2017 Bob Apple for The Gideons The Power of God's Word

02/19/2017 Barry Whitworth Resolving Worry

02/12/2017 Troy Boring Daily Special

02/05/2017 Barry Whitworth The Real Treasured Treasures

01/29/2017 Barry Whitworth Fasting That Pleases God

01/22/2017 Barry Whitworth The Lord's Prayer

01/15/2017 Barry Whitworth Praying and Fasting

01/08/2017 Barry Whitworth Proper Motives for Giving

01/01/2017 Gerald Mounce What Do We Hope For?