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Worship Services
Worship is a central part of a church’s life. Our Sunday morning worship service is warm and friendly with joyful singing and encouraging, challenging messages.  The music includes both traditional hymns and contemporary choruses, blended together and led by our Worship Team.  A nursery is provided.

Bible Study
Bible study is also a primary focus of our church.  Classes are available for all ages, from nursery to adult.

Small Groups
Small groups have become more and more popular in the life of the church.  They allow men and women the opportunity to develop friendships with other members of the church.  Small groups also provide Bible or Christian book study with discussion and application to our lives.  Groups have one or more leaders who are there to initiate and guide discussion, as well as participate.  Our church offers opportunities for small groups, usually 8 to 15 people, to meet regularly in various locations for worship, instruction, fellowship, support and outreach.

Music is an important part of worship.  Opportunities for singing and fellowship are provided by our Worship Team.

Our church is missions-minded and provides opportunities for giving, learning and going to the mission field.

Children and Youth
Our church provides many activities and Bible Study opportunities for children and youth.  We provide the foundation for their growth and maturity through music, missions and Bible study.

If you are looking for a fellowship of believers in the Williamsport area, we invite you to visit FSBC.  If you live elsewhere, we’ll be happy to assist you in finding a church  in your area.

Opportunities For Worship and Growth

I was glad when they said to me,
“Let us go into the house of the Lord.” 
Psalm 122:1